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We are an IT service partner that provides office IT solution support, full solutions and services in application design and development, data mining and analytics, marketing IT, search engine optimization, website design and development. Our experience includes strategic IT and business planning, database management, systems administration, IT budgeting, project management.



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We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients


We have been helping clients since 2002

Gistar Technologies has entrepreneurial owners and managers in minds, providing solution for their IT needs. Business change requires that IT teams be flexible and agile, market changes require a constant focus on costs and value, technology change is driving innovation…at a price. The most significant and fundamental change across these variables is the shift in the role of IT itself. We provide cost effective and versatile technical support services for small to medium sized businesses. We work with each of our clients through a team-based approach that maximizes individual skills. We work to develop long term client relationships and help our clients maximize the benefits they can obtain from technology while minimizing costs.


Our team values: CAIT - Countability, Agility, Innovation, Technology


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5850 Oberlin Dr., Suite 210, San Diego, CA 92121 

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